Why Funny bunny nail polish has been so popular? Today we will talk about OPI funny bunny polish, one of the most widely-used white nail polish.

“In summer, I’m all about that pink nail polish life, but come winter, I would opt for red. Guess what my all-time favorite shadeis? Yeah, white. It’s perfect for any season!” 

— Stacy, fashion influencer.

Some people are concerned about its look, some want to know its durability and some want to know how to apply. Here we are. The following is a full cover of many aspects that you need to know about funny bunny nail polish.

Part 1 What is funny bunny nail polish?

To know better about OPI Funny bunny nail polish, let’s learn more about its company OPI.

About OPI

OPI (a division of Wella Company) is for professionals, newbies, and at-home gurus. It’s for walking down the aisle and opening your own salon. Asking for a raise and taking a Bubble Bath. As the #1 nail salon brand worldwide, we are committed to providing unlimited shades and the highest quality products, artistry, and technique. From our award-winning colors to innovative effects, treatments, and devices, we give you the inspiration, you put the “I” in OPI.

Source: opi.com

OPI is a reputable brand in the nail polish industry. And Funny Bunny Nail Polish has been one of its most popular white color.

Part 2 How does it look?

It is a kind of Nail lacquer — a soft and creamy white nail polish that’s irresistibly sweet. It’s a fluffy, snuggly, perfectly polished white. It can offer a versatile and classic shade for your nails. If you are looking for a clean and elegant look, it must be a pretty good choice.

Funny bunny nail polish is also fashionable classic shade. You might say at your first glance “I didn’t see any difference. Seemed like a typical white polish.” No worry. its subtle opalescence will impress you the moment you apply it. The subtlety of the shade adds an understated elegance and sophistication. It stands out from other white nail polishes, perfect for any occasion, like for professional looks, or bridal events or casual daily wear.

Besides, its self-leveling formula is a great plus, too. It can help achieve even coverage without any fuss. Normally, two coats are enough to achieve full opacity.

I am really impressed by it versativity and adaptability. It can be a base for various nail art designs. Meanwhile, it works well with different nail shapes and lengths. It’s too tempting for me.

Features of Funny Bunny Nail Polish

  • OPI Funny Bunny Nail Polish is a soft white Nail Polish that’s irresistibly sweet
  • White Nail Polish is a fluffy, snuggly, perfectly polished white shade for your neutral polish needs
  • Soft White Nail Polish provides sheer coverage perfect for layering over other favorites or wearing alone
  • OPI’s Nail Polish formula that reinvented quality nail color is your top choice if you enjoy updating your manicure weekly
  • OPI Nail Lacquer Nail Polish provides up to 7 days of wear and easily removes with Expert Touch Lacquer Remover
  • Apply OPI Natural Nail Base Coat, then apply two coats of Nail Polish color, finish with OPI Top Coat, then let dry
  • OPI Nail Polish is available in 200+ Polishes including OPI’s most iconic Nail Polish and Gel Nail Polish shades
  • Awards: Sunday Times Style Beauty Awards 2015 and Best Beauty Awards 2015
  • If this OPI color is one of your faves, enroll in Subscribe and Save so you never run out.

Part 3 How long can funny bunny nail polish last?

The official durability is ONE week. Thanks to its long-lasting furmula, it can easily last a week without chipping or noticeable wear. By the way, I love its wide and flat brush that makes it really easy for applying. It can be easily found in beauty retailers and online stores. Affordable price for the quality.

Part 4 What advice for Funny bunny nail polish?

We can try pairing it with different topcoats for various effects, such as matte, glossy or glitter. If you are new to OPI brand, you can try funny Bunny as an introduction to OPI’s product range.

Part 5 How to use Funny bunny nail polish?

The whole process is simple.

Step 1 Prep your nail to ensure nail lacquer adhesion.

Step 2 Apply one coat of OPI Natural Nail Base Coat. Cap the free edges and allow to dry. 

Step 3 Apply two thin coats to each nail. Cap the free edges and allow both coats to dry.

Note: Brush some nail polish at the nail’s free edge to cap the nail and help prevent chipping.

Step 4 Apply OPI Top Coat. Also cap the free edge with Top Coat.

Step 5 For a manicure that’s dry to the touch in minutes, apply one drop of DripDry Lacquer Drying Drops to each nail.

Note: Please pay more attention to THIN in “Step 3 Apply two thin coats to each nail”. Don’t ask me why I know it.

Part 6 Share some more user reviews on funny bunny nail polish

“Love this shade! It’s the perfect neutral for any occasion. It goes on smoothly and lasts for days without chipping.”

“Funny Bunny is my go-to color for any occasion. It’s so classic and chic, and it always looks amazing on my nails.”

“I’m obsessed with this color! It’s the perfect sheer white, and it adds just the right touch of elegance to any outfit.”

“OPI Funny Bunny is the best nail polish I’ve ever used. It has a great consistency and lasts for weeks without chipping or fading.”

“I’ve been looking for a sheer white nail polish for ages, and Funny Bunny is the perfect shade. It’s subtle and sophisticated, and it makes my nails look amazing.”

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