How to get paint off leather? Many friends like using leather products for they are durable and pretty. However, stains might find their way to come unexpectedly. You may have searched a lot info on the net but still can’t figure out what is the best way to remove stains off.

Ways to remove paint stains from leather

The ideal way to deal with the leather stains should be safe and effective. Here I’ve put together some tips on getting stains off leather as follows:

Generally there are more than 10 ways & Tricks to remove paint stains from leather.

  • 1 Use warm water and sponge
  • 2 Use a clean wet rag
  • 3 Use soap and water
  • 4 Use egg white
  • 5 Use cooking or baby oil
  • 6 Use banana peelings
  • 7 Use petroleum jelly
  • 8 Use fingernail polish
  • 9 Use rubbing alcohol
  • 10 Use a soft bristle brush
  • 11 Use the vinegar and baking soda
  • 12 Use leather cleaner

Wet paint & Dried paint

For wet paint, it’s usually easier to handle. The faster the processing, the better. Blot at the paint with clean absorbent towel. Or a little bit soap water or olive oil can be enough.

As for dried paint, more intervention and attention are needed. To get stubborn paint off, many friends might try with a blunt Knife or scraper.

Step-by-step guide to get paint off leather in 3 Minutes

Tools prepared:

Step 1: Use the scraper to wear down the paint very slowly and carefully. To avoid scratching or gouging the leather, the less contact with the leather itself, the better. And the tool should be dull a little bit.

Step 2: Spray the stain spot with a mild acidic cleanser.

Step 3: Wipe away the cleanser and use a little extra elbow grease.

Step 4: Wipe the target area with a damp cloth or sponge and finish by rubbing in some leather conditioner.

Note: Since leather and paint can come in different types and grades, the suggestions above are just for reference. Do remember to do some spot testing before trying any of the above suggestions. It’s always wise to test it on an out-of-the-way place on the item you are working on before you apply it to a larger area.

Hope you get the paint off the leather perfectly. To know about verypaint leather edge paint, feel free to contact us.