Can White Leather Paint Really Make the leather items Look New Again? To have perfect finish, do we need to remove the factory finish before painting? Now we’ll be discussing everything you need to know about white leather paint.

What is White Leather Paint?

White leather paint is a kind of leather paint with white colour. It’s specifically formulated to use on leather items to provide long-lasting, white color. It is different from leather dye, which penetrates the leather and changes its color, the paint sits on top of the leather and adds a layer of color.

Why do we use White Leather Paint?

White leather paint is one of the most basic leather colors for using. People always use it to touch up sneakers or other leather items such as upholstery, clothing, purses, handbags, shoes, sneakers, craft projects etc.

leather paint

White leather paint has several advantages over other leather treatment options. On one hand, it makes the leather items look like new again. It can easily restore and refresh leather items.

On the other hand, applying the leather paint can help protect the leather from further damage, such as cracking or fading.

Besides, it’s also a cost-effective option compared to buying a new leather item.

How to apply leather paint?

Tools you might need: a paintbrush, sponge, leather cleaner, and sandpaper etc.

Step 1: Clean and prep the leather surface. Use a leather preparer or deglazer to remove all oils, finishes or built up on the leather surface. Do have a clean and open surface so that you can paint directly onto the leather.

Step 2: Design. Take sneakers for example. You can pencil in your design. Do remember to tape off all areas or edges that you don’t want to get paint on. Do not forget such places as the soles or the inside of the shoes.

Step 3: Apply paint. Do paint evenly and patiently. Allow enough time for each coat to dry completely.

Step 4: Apply topcoat(optical). After all paint is dry, you can apply a topcoat to protect the leather from damage.

What are some Popular Brands of Leather Paint?

You know there are many choices out there.  After comparing features, quality and price of many brands, here is a list of top three brands:



Leather Studio

These brands offer high-quality, long-lasting leather paints that can be widely used. Some of the unique features of each brand include Angelus’ color options, Fiebing’s affordability, and Leather Studio’s durability.