When we talk about polyurethane, many people might put forward another question: what is polyurethane dispersion? This article includes everything you ever wanted to know about Polyurethane dispersion.

The Definition: What is polyurethane dispersion?

Polyurethane Dispersion, also known as PUD, is an environmental friendly polyurethane resin, which use water as its solvent.

PUD is understood to be a polyurethane polymer resin dispersed in water, rather than a solvent, although some cosolvent maybe used. Source:wikipedia.com

What are the advantages?

Why do more and more people choose to use water-based polyurethane dispersion? You can check the following advantages:

  • Low VOC content. Polyurethane Dispersion uses water as its primary solvent,so it has low volatile organic compound content.This means it’s more environmentally friendly.As people’s environmental awareness is becoming stronger and stronger,people tend to choose more environmental way of production.
  • Excellent performance: Polyurethane dispersion has Excellent chemical and solvent resistance.Moreover, it does a great job in heat resistance, fast drying and endurance bonding.
  • Versatility: They can be used in a wide range of industries and applications, including industrial coatings, textile applications, footwear, leather, paint, and construction industries
  • Further development of PUD. People attach great importance to PUD and this gives rise to emerging trends and innovations.

Various Application industries of Polyurethane Dispersion

Water-based polyurethane dispersion has been widely applied in various industries. See as bellow:

  • 1.Leather industry and Textile industry
  • 2.Paint industry and Industrial coatings
  • 3.Construction industry and Concrete industry
  • 4.Plastics industry and Rubber industry
  • 5.Metal industry and Wood industry
  • 6.Decorative coatings and Auto coatings
  • 7.Ink binders etc.

Water-based polyurethane dispersion has been a preferred option due to its excellent chemical and solvent resistance, low VOC content, abrasion resistance, scratch resistance, flexibility, adhesion, and environmentally friendly nature.

The Manufacturing Process

The manufacturing process of polyurethane dispersion involves the production of a prepolymer by treating a polyol with excess isocyanate, emulsifying the prepolymer with water and a surfactant, and initiating the chain extension reaction by heating the emulsion. The resulting polyurethane dispersion is then post-treated to remove any impurities.

Conclusion of PUDs

All in all, polyurethane dispersion has obvious advantages, such as durability, flexibility, water resistance, chemical resistance etc. As for the downside, like high cost, Lower mechanical strength. Hopefully, with more and more research and development, there will be a perfect polyurethane dispersion for all of our application.

The Editor’s Pick: Verypaint Polyurethane Dispersion – PU-2135D

Water-based high adhesion and light loss resistant titanium dioxide anti-sinking base

Verypaint Polyurethane Dispersion is a high-grade aliphatic waterborne polyurethane resin, with transparent appearance. It has strong adhesion to nails, resistance to freezing and thawing, resistance to solvent, resistance to abrasion, good compatibility with additives.

Verypaint Polyurethane Dispersion is mainly used as base oil for waterborne nail polish, for making of high adhesion (non-peeling) type titanium white solid color nail polish base, high adhesion (non-peeling) pearl nail polish base oil and high adhesion (non-peeling) golden scallion color base stock, and waterborne ink, etc.

Appearance: White jade liquid
Lonicity: anion
PH Value: 6-9
Color: White jade-like translucent liquid.
Ingredient: waterborne resin, dispersion and other auxiliaries
Application: Nail polish base, Water-based nail polish containing titanium dioxide
Attribute: water-based materials, safe and environmental
Application Range of Verypaint PU-2135D

Features of Verypaint PU-2135D

  • The product has strong adhesion to nails, and the nail polish can be kept on the nail for 5~7 days after it is completely dry.
  • The nail polish containing titanium dioxide pulp is baked at 50°C for seven days without obvious delamination and precipitation, and the appearance of the product is good.
  • The nail polish has excellent anti-floating performance, super anti-sinking performance, good leveling performance and strong adhesion, and is an inseparable nail polish base.
  • During use, it has excellent resistance to light loss, light smell of products, no harmful volatiles such as benzene series, no toxic heavy metals, and environmental protection performance.


  • Long-term high-speed dispersion will weaken the defoaming ability of defoamer. It is recommended to add some water-based defoamer as needed, or use a vacuum mixing tank to mix and stir.
  • Titanium dioxide pulp and pigment paste can be directly added, and the mixture can be used after being uniformly dispersed.

Package of Verypaint PU-2135D

Sample packaging: 500 ml plastic bottle
Finished Packaging: 50kg /barrel
Size: 50KG/120KG
Screw on the top after using each time and mix thoroughly before using.

Storage and Expiration Date

This product is non-hazardous goods.After opening the package, it is recommended to use it all at once;

Please keep away from moisture during storage and transportation. It’s highly recommended to store the product in sealed, cool and dry condition.

Ideal temperature: 5℃-30℃

Durability period: 12months.

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